Message from the Editor… Fall 2014

I love “things” that can tell stories, teach us, and inspire us. People, artifacts, and places can do that. The Point Lookout Historical Society holds copies of past Point Lookout journals that were in print even before the Community Outlook, which was first published in 1948. Reading through these old copies has been one of the ways that I have learned about this place.

This interest in history and the historical record is why the Point Lookout Historical Society is bringing The Community Outlook into the fold of their other preservation activities and why I have decided to serve as editor. It is not just a paper. It is, in my opinion, one of the most tangible pieces of Point Lookout history that we have, where readers of all ages (present and future) can glean a profound understanding of this place.

What makes this journal what it is however are the contributors: the authors and artists who tell the stories, give the reports, and add their insight as well as visual flair. When we announced our intention to revive the Community Outlook to those who had been gracing the pages of the many last issues, we were very encouraged by their responses. Everyone was very happy to continue being a part of this great tradition and I thank them wholeheartedly.

I would also like to thank our volunteer, creative genius, layout rock star, Rich Zampella for the beautiful work he has done to bring the Community Outlook into the NOW. He is artistically honoring hints from the past but celebrating current but classy trends in text and visual culture. Aside from this major facelift, the Community Outlook is also offering a lot more opportunities for all ages and genres to contribute voices to it. I urge you to look at the call for submission possibilities.

Indeed Brendan Cahill’s dedication as editor to the Community Outlook for the past five years has made the transition for me fairly easy. I still have a lot to learn to fill his flip-flops though. He has been close by lately (in the virtual sense) with quick advice and answers and I am happy that he will continue to stay connected to the paper authoring his “View from the Porch”. Thankfully, I have his assistant Maureen Dowling O’Sullivan who is continuing on with me to help smooth out the rough patches and lend me her insight. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!! My volunteer reviewers, Jessica Brennan and Sinead Cain have eyeballs like lasers. It takes a village folks… It takes a village, like our little Point Lookout, to put this little gem together.

The Community Outlook might have new wings, but the problems that almost extinguished it last year remain the same. The harsh reality is that this issue you hold in your hands all but depleted the bank reserve for printing and mailing the next issue, which is why we decided to forgo the cost of mailing this issue and instead relied on volunteers to distribute it.

The sustainability of this paper involves all of us– readers, writers, and the whole mechanism behind the publication and distribution of the paper into your hands. This is why we count on the support of advertisers and donations big and small and we invite your suggestions and feedback. Everyone counts. This is your paper Point Lookout. Lets keep the presses rolling! Go to the CO website and peruse past issues, comment, and most of all- support it.www.communityoutlook.org

Remember, PLHS is a designated 501(c) (3) charity – donations are fully tax deductible. Make checks payable to PLHS with “Community Outlook” specified in the memo.

Editorial — August 2013

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