The COMMUNITY OUTLOOK IS BACK!!! First issued in 1948, The Community Outlook is a volunteer-run, community journal about Point Lookout NY and written by Point Lookouters. Published by the Point Lookout Community Church now in association with the Point Lookout Historical Society, the Community Outlook focuses on Point Lookout issues, community perspectives, and general goings-on in Point Lookout, NY. It is currently being revived as a quarterly issue that will be available both electronically and as a hard copy version.­­

The Community Outlook might have new wings, but the problems that almost extinguished it last year remain the same. The sustainability of this paper involves all of us– readers, writers, and the whole mechanism behind the publication and distribution of the paper into your hands. This is why we count on the support of advertisers and donations big and small and we invite your suggestions and feedback. This is your paper Point Lookout. Lets keep it free and keep the presses rolling!